Spring Break Tour— Day 3

Van breaks down in Ohio. (It’s since been fixed)

Spring Break Tour— Day 2

Hustlin’. Check out all that merch!

Spring Break Tour— Day 1

On Friday, Rhino House Band hit the road, embarking on a week-long, spring break tour stretching from New Paltz, NY to the American midwest. Keep checking back for some exclusive, behind-the-scenes pictures of what the band’s been up to on the road. RHB will be shipping up to Grand Rapids tonight and Chicago tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

Heads up to our friends, fans and fellow bloggers in New Paltz, Buffalo, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnatti, Nashviile and Montclair

Rhino House Band will be embarking on its first Midwest Tour this Friday!

We’re excited to be voyaging past the East Coast and meeting up with new faces along the way. We’ll be posting some more information in the next few days so stay tuned! Feel free to message us any questions pertaining to times/dates/pricing/etc. 

See ya soon!

Bought a van! Gearing up for our Midwest tour!

Detailed schedule to come soon. See you on the road!


James’ Song is a crunchy indie pop ballad full of hooks and heart. It soars and has an embraceable sound that truly makes you feel something. Love the lead attack so much. Kind of made me think of Weezer a bit. 

Stopping In The City has that distant feel like it was recorded in a subway. Forlorn beautiful melodies with lyrics that tell a story. Very sweet and sweeping at the same time. Some budding or established film maker should use this song. 

Dirty Hobo in some ways feels like it could be a Paul Simon song. Part folk and blues boogie it goes in directions you would not expect…”

Check out the review Golden Summer received from American Pancake.


I got on the train and went home alone,
graffiti on the walls let me know I was getting close—
You were already home

We went to the city but we lost our love,
two of us together but I came back to Brooklyn as one—
alone in the snow.

Stopping in the City—Rhino House Band

Thanks, Aidan!

Yesterday, Rhino House Band received a glowing review from infectiousmag. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to us!


Stopping in the City - Golden Summer EP

Check ‘em out here, guys!

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Cute Indie Spotlight: Rhino House Band - Charlie | Golden Summer EP {x

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Local band Rhino House Band will make a visit up to New Paltz from Brooklyn after having recently released their first full-length EP Golden Summer during the dead of winter. “A lot of the songs are about remembering childhood, facing the real world, and moving on,” lead vocalist Ricky Demetro said. “Golden Summer is actually []

Throwback to our feature in the New Paltz Oracle



Ricky from the Brooklyn power pop indie group, Rhino House Band, created this playlist of the week. The band recently released a catchy EP called ‘Golden Summer,’ which you can download for free on bandcamp (however, if you like their tracks, you can certainly show your support…


Rhino House Band 》 Little Things 《 Golden Summer EP (2014)


Hey guys! check out Rhino House Band and their new EP, “Golden Summer” you can download it for free at band camp (look on side link bar on their blog) or this address: http://rhinohouseband.bandcamp.com

Give them a follow:  http://rhinohouseband.com

Let them know what you think! 

xoxo Lindsay!

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